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About how to use

We will ask the check before you purchase.Click here for buying guides

About payment

The following payment methods are available.
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-Payment by credit card

-Convenience store payment

* Flat rate payment charge of 350 yen will be charged, regardless of the price of the commodity.
Bank wire transfer

* Transfer fee will be paid by the customer.

About sales

Terms & shipping
Business hours: Monday-Friday
Closed: weekends and holidays
-Phone booking
Year round 9: 00-24: 00.
* Your order on the Internet 24 hours.

Contact us

Tokyo Koto-ku Aomi 2-7-4 SOHO 1018, room
Responsible for store management: MasakiHosokawa
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About the delivery

Overseas ordering products.
Orders received after payment is complete, 2-in 3 weeks to deliver.
If the end of the year holidays and Golden Week holidays or bad weather, delays may occur.

◆ domestic shipping methods ◆


Sagawa express

In one of these shipping companies, shipping will be delivered.
Our designated shippers and shipping your way when you order, you can’t.

Please help, please.

Returns and exchanges

And because when we return

When insufficient product always please contact us in advance,
When product is broken, that doesn’t work, we all will be replaced at our expense.
If the Exchange is not possible will be processing your refund.
We ask after the arrival of the goods within 7 days please contact us on the products please return it (cash on delivery).

-Returned due to customers

We do not accept the return of goods.

About privacy

Personal information received from customers will not use any shipment of products and contact us.
Not cumulative kept safely and we have a responsibility, to provide transfer to a third party.
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